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Directed by Anrei Ujica

The title of this sweeping three-hour documentary recounting the history of Romania under the reign of Nicolae Ceausescu more or less sums up the film’s strengths and limitations.


The 48th edition of the venerable New York Film Festival kicks off today with the world premiere of David Ficher and Aaron Sorkin’s highly-anticipated collaboration, The Social Network, which tells the (almost) true story behind the founding of Mark Zuckerberg’s omnipresent social networking site Facebook.  It’s a major get for the NYFF, which in past years has opened with more art-house friendly fare (like last year’s opening night screening of the Alain Resnais film Wild Reeds.  I’ve seen The Social Network and have written a review for Film Journal, which will most likely go live next week.  The short version of my positive notice is that its an enormously entertaining production, a movie where all the elements–script, direction and cast–come together to create a memorable whole.  I’m not ready to hang the “masterpiece” label on the film, but it’s unquestionably one of 2010’s strongest studio-made movies.

I’ve had the opportunity to catch a number of other films that will be playing the NYFF as well and will be seeing more in the weeks ahead.  Expect to see regular capsules posted here as I get them written.  So far, it’s been a strong line-up; while I’ve liked some movies far more than others, I have yet to see a genuine dud.  Hats off to the festival’s selection committee and I hope New York residents are encouraged to pick up whatever tickets remain for some of these films.  (The Social Network is already sold out, but I heartily recommend LennonNYC and Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, both of which will screen this weekend.)  First NYFF capsule coming up right after this post.