Clear Blue Tuesday
Directed by Elizabeth Lucas
Starring Becca Ayers, Julie Danao-Salkin, Vedant Gokhale, Robi Hager, Erin Hill.

I hate to sound like a pessimist, but Elizabeth Lucas probably set herself up for failure with Clear Blue Tuesday, an indie movie musical that attempts to deal with the impact of September 11, 2001 on the lives of 11 New Yorkers.  For the record, the film’s chief problem isn’t its choice of subject matter.  While 9/11 may seem like an incongruous subject for a musical, I’m willing to bet that there’s a supremely talented composer out there who could find a way to effectively explore the events and feelings provoked by that day and its aftermath through song.  (After all, until Stephen Sondheim came along, who would have guessed that a great musical could be mined from the subject of presidential assassinations?)