Hi all–welcome to the new face of NYC Film Critic.  Big round of applause to my awesome wife Jess for getting this site up and running.  This incarnation of the site will be more heavily blog oriented, although I hope to still post original reviews from time to time.  The star system will most likely be abandoned though, which is just as well because I’ve always had mixes feelings about it.  The nice thing about this new format is that I’ll be able to build an archive of all my published reviews, which you can now read independently of my blog entries.  To view them, scroll down to the Categories box on the right hand side of the page and click on the Published Reviews link.  Underneath the Categories box, you’ll see my Blogroll, which contains links to the home pages of the other outlets I write for as well as a small library of other movie sites/blogs I like to visit for your further reading pleasure.  Also, instead of sending emails to an account I don’t check as often as I should, you’ll be able to post reactions to my posts/reviews in the comments section.  One caveat: you do have to register to post a comment.  Sorry to be a stickler about that, but anything to keep the spammers away.  Anyway, have a look around, get used to the new digs and hope you decide to keep coming back!