As of this week, your trusty NYC Film Critic became the lead movies writer and general editor for the snark-tastic website Television Without Pity.  I’ll be posting daily reviews, interviews and other posts to the site, so drop by early and often.  My first batch of posts include a review of Super 8, the new J.J. Abrams small-town sci-fi picture, a piece about which reveals of alien monsters are the most effective and finally, a round-up listing which digital tweaks we’d make to recent movies in the wake of The Hangover Part II tattoo incident.

So what does this mean for this particular site?  Well, less original content for starters.  I may still post a few reviews now and then, but the bulk of my posting will be over at TWoP going forward.  I’ll make sure to provide regular links to that content here though, so it won’t be going entirely dormant.  But go ahead and update your bookmarks to include TWoP’s The Moviefile blog.  Look forward to seeing you all in my new digs!