This weekend is all about The Avengers, Joss Whedon’s mega-hyped, mega-budgeted blockbuster that folds a bunch of Marvel Comics’ best-known heroes into one movie.  It’s an enjoyable romp, but don’t go in expecting the comic book movie to end all comic book movies.  Check out my review along with the rest of this week’s TWoP content below.

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Jason Segel and Emily Blunt head up the all-star and overstuffed romantic comedy The Five Year Engagement, one of five new movies I review this week over at TWoP.  Follow links to the individual reviews below.

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The Pirates! Band of Misfits
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The fading American Pie franchise gives it one more go with American Reunion, which brings back all of the original cast (yes, even Tara Reid) for another sex-fueled misadventure.  Honestly, it would have been better for all concerned had they just stayed retired.  Read my review and the rest of the week’s TWoP content below.

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Hey, anyone remember 2010′s Clash of the Titans?  No?  Can’t blame you; it’s completely forgettable.  But Hollywood went ahead and made a sequel anyway and–surprise!–it’s just as boring as the first.  I review that film and the much buzzed-about doc Bully over at TWoP this week.  Follow the links below.

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The Hunger Games are all anyone’s been able to talk about the past couple weeks…myself included.  Check out all my Games related content at TWoP, including my review to this faithful-to-a-fault adaptation of the popular dystopian future franchise.

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The conventional wisdom would be that a big-screen version of the old ’80s TV show 21 Jump Street would have no chance of being any good whatsoever. Well guess what? Conventional wisdom can suck it.  Thanks largely to the strong work of its central comic duo, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the Jump Street movie turns out to be a lot of fun.  Not a comedy for the ages mind you, just a studio programmer that’s much more entertaining than expected.  Read all my Jump Street coverage, along with a bunch of other reviews, over at TWoP.

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The above image comes from the single best scene in the new sci-fi blockbuster, John Carter, a gladiatorial battle royal that pits the titular hero against a pair of monstrous white apes from the planet Mars… uh, make that Barsoom.  It’s a tense, exciting sequence distinguished by strong effects work and action choreography.  If the rest of the movie were on the level of this one scene, it’d be a classic.  As it is, it’s a supremely messy, but fitfully entertaining contraption.  I go into more detail in my review on TWoP.  Follow the links below to read more.

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The latest attempt to translate the work of Dr. Seuss to the big screen isn’t quite the disaster that the Grinch and Cat in the Hat movies were, but honestly kids and their parents will be better off just reading the book again.  I cover The Lorax among other releases over on TWoP this week.

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Act of Valor boasts the participation of real Navy SEALs, but that doesn’t mean that the finished product is particularly realistic.  I explain why in my review over at TWoP.  Follow the links below for this week’s content.

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